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Do you want to make an appointment or would you like more information? You can call me at +31 (0) 85 130 89 27 or contact me by filling out the contact form. An appointment can also be scheduled in our online agenda. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Free online consult (20 minutes)

online darmklachten consult_beeldbellen bij PDS coaching met video bij prikkelbare darm syndroom
Would you like to regain control over your IBS-related complaints, but would you like to talk to me first about what would be the best approach? Plan a free online consult on this website! Here’s how.
1. Go to the online agenda.
2. Where it says location, select ‘Skype’ or ‘telephone’.
3. Select ‘free online consult’ (20 minutes)  and click next.
4. Select preferred date and time.
5. On the next page, fill out your name, e-mail and phone number.
6. The appointment is now scheduled and you’ll receive confirmation in your e-mail. 


Tuesday 10am – 8pm
Wednesday 10am – 7pm
Thursday 12am – 6.30pm

After consultation, other days and times are possible for coaching over the phone or via video-call. For more information, contact us.

As PDS-Coaching, we combine dietetics and coaching. The dietetics part is covered by basic health insurance if you live in the Netherlands. The coaching part is your own investment. Some appointments are fully covered. Check our different coaching options and prices.
Note: At the health insurer’s, we are known as dietetics practice ‘t Keuze Dieet’ with KvK number 28429467. This is the same number as PDS-Coaching. If you want to check how much you will be compensated for dietetics, contact your insurer. 

PDS coaching has a contract with most health insurers. In that case the PDS coach can declare the consultations for dietetics direcly at the health insurerance.

PDS coaching has no contract with the following health insurances: Zilveren Kruis Achmea, FBTO, Centraal Beheer, Interpolis and Avéro Achmea. We will send you the invoice for dietetics by e-mail and you can declare the invoice at your health insurance.

In most cases you don’t need a letter from a doctor. If you’ve been given  a letter by your physician or a specialist, we do ask you to bring it along to the appointment. When a letter of referral is needed, the PDS-Coach will let you know during the first appointment. 

Our practice is located in Haarlem. Below you’ll find the address and contact information.

You can follow the program at the practice in Haarlem. If you live too far away, you can follow the program via phone or video-call like Skype, messenger, Zoom or whatsapp. Here, you can make anppointment for a phone- or Skype session. 

Location Haarlem

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